Online Interviews: Alternatives
“Jazmine Sullivan: Gotta Get It.”
Written by Fawn Renee.
June 2006.

What Blog Sites Are Saying About Jazmine Sullivan:

The Cocoa Lounge
“They’ve Got Next: Four of the Hottest New Voices of ’07”
January 2007.

“Worth A Click”
February 2007.

Concert Reviews:

Philadelphia University of the Arts Benefit Fashion Show and Jazmine Sullivan Concert.
March 31, 2007 // Philadelphia, PA.

“Her jazzy/bluesy stylings showed smooth vocals and a level of maturity that surpasses most well seasoned performers. From the first note she belted out, you could feel the power vibrating throughout the room. The captivated audience had no choice but [to] sit in awe, enjoying the riffs and trills she flawlessly accomplished. It was nothing short of amazing.”

     -Carla Ezell of News 4DaSoul. Read the entire review @


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